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Empowerment Script


In lowen.com.au, we have two approaches to Individual Self-empowerment -

How Media and Advertising Are Killing You, which was first published in 1987, and

Empowerment Script, which I developed over the last few years.

Each tackles a similar area of need in very different ways. Enjoy them both.

The other arena for self-empowerment is in group work. For corporate or group consultancy, please email me. Contact me on lowen@lowen.com.au

As the information and methods contained in this book are new, I have put them on the site so that people can benefit straightaway. When you use the script, please acknowledge the source and authorship. I welcome people reading and using it, and academic research into it.

Gradually, there will be a library of books available on the site.

For Commercial use, please email me lowen@lowen.com.au

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